PA Forward





Libraries have moved far beyond just being book repositories. They’re agile institutions serving real-life needs. Libraries can be key to powering progress and elevating the quality of life in PA by fueling the types of knowledge essential to success. Libraries in Pennsylvania, including the Degenstein Community Library, are working together to develop programs, collections and services that support five essential literacies: Basic Literacy, Information Literacy, Civic and Social Literacy, Health Literacy, and Financial Literacy. As part of the PA Forward initiative, logos on the libraries’ event flyers and marketing materials will identify which specific literacies the programs/events support.

Libraries serve as models of cost-effective service.  Libraries stretch the public’s resources through sharing books, computers, DVDs, and expertise.  By their very definition, libraries serve the public broadly and efficiently.  Yet, much potential remains for libraries to do even greater things.  Our libraries – properly leveraged – can help solve some of the Commonwealth’s biggest economic and social problems.

PA Foward is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Library Association that aims to make sure libraries have what they need to meet the demands of 21st Century life. Libraries are uniquely positioned to help Pennsylvanians improve their command of the five literacies.

The Degenstein Community Library is pleased to be a part of the PA Forward Star Library Program that gives a voice to the important role libraries play.

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